Saturday, September 10, 2011

Looking back at The Hunger Project

So I hate that I missed the weekly mark for the blog but I just felt this one was to important to rush through and with school in progress my schedule was overloaded this week. Last Monday morning was the one month mark for the the Hunger Project and although I do not consider the hunger project to be over in the least the part where I go without food has been completed. One month with really only a handful of bananas and saltine crackers proved to be one of the most trying and insightful times in my life. As I stated in each weekly blog no week was the same and yet every week taught me so much. The fourth and final week was brutally hard physically. The last two days I could barely stand longer than 15 minutes at a time, I cried at the drop of a hat, and I felt miserably hungry. I can honestly say the pictures and videos from Africa and the support and prayers of people around me got me through those last few days.

My amazing boyfriend took me to an all night spa the very last night to help me get through the last few hours and it was a cool experience because we laid in sauna rooms that were 165 degrees and as I sweat I felt as if it was the last cleansing stage before the project ended. At midnight we left and I begged him to go to Ihop so I could get some oatmeal and toast. He gave in even though he was hesitant that it was a good idea and he ended up being right. When I got there the smells and sights of food literally made me feel crazed and my stomach and mind became greedy. I gave up my cautious plan of oatmeal and downed some eggs and one blueberry pancake before I realized my foolish mistake. The food felt like a foreign object in my stomach and within minutes I was sick. I spent the next 24 hours scared to try eating again but eventually I was able to take it slow and eat small things. I've been eating again for almost a week and although I can only eat small portions the initial nauseousness has faded.

I am so grateful for food as I've had more energy and physical strength since eating again but there are things I miss too. I've realized I've spent $75 dollars of food and drink this week. Most of it being luxury food at restaurants... Now while I don't judge anyone for eating or eating out I realize how easy it is to become wasteful. This week I am going to do better at eating for necessity not luxury. I have been careful and trained in thinking about Africa constantly which was the whole purpose behind the Hunger Project. Even though my stomach was full this week the excess of rain here in the midst of drought there made me think/pray all the harder. I'm thankful that I have not forgotten and I hope you havent either.

I didn't find/hear much new, news on the famine this week. Foreign aid groups continue to help and money is still being raised and yet the need is still great! In a time of damaging and devastating flooding to some here in Va, and a horrifying drought/famine in Africa I pray for a balance and a peace to cover the earth. Until then, we must continue to pray, give, and remember!

I do feel like I understand hunger better than I did but I will never completely understand the constant day to day hunger so many around the world endure on a daily basis. For this reason the Hunger Project will never really be over in this life-time.

Keep doing your part-don't be ignorant of the world around you!


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