Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 21: Of the Hunger Project

It has been 21 days since I ate anything more substantial than a handful of Saltine crackers and fruit. It has by far been the most interesting and rewarding thing I have ever done. Each week has been dramatically different. In my last post I talked about having a clarity during week two that made me feel energized. This past week was the opposite though. I was extremely hungry all week and very emotional for no real reason. My stomach felt empty and I was very agitated. I really feel like this was the week I had been waiting for- a week of true discomfort, and hunger. Up until this point I had been able to sit next to people eating with little to no trouble but now being anywhere near food is miserable for me.

Another thing that is miserable for me is hearing and reading that children in Africa are still dying daily and that there is still no rain. I felt a bit better when the last of the money came in this week to send the 20 food containers over. Those containers hold a total of 5 million meals. These meals will help immensely but not at all indefinitely. The famine was expected to last until December but now that date has been moved out until August of next year. It absolutely breaks my heart! Even though the food containers have been sent there are still so many needs for water and medicine. Please don't stop praying and giving!

This will be my final week of the hunger project at least the part of it where I don't eat. Next Sunday will be the one month mark and with me starting back teaching I want to make sure I am well fueled and energized. It will definitely not be the end of the blog or the end of the famine and I will do my best to continue to keep everyone updated about news around the world.

Headed into week 4,


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