Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 14: Of the Hunger Project

Well, I'm glad that I didn't commit to blogging every night of this project because this past week sure got away from me. I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since I have started this project. Physically, this week was completely different then week 1. Most of the week my body felt adjusted to the lack of food and I actually had a fair amount of energy. I started working out again on Friday because I noticed I am beginning to lose muscle mass. Even though I was worried about working out without food in me it actually went fine and I felt fine too. I still burn through daily energy quickly and my mouth is dry and cracked even though Iv'e been drinking water by the gallon. I've also had horrible indigestion which I hear is cause by stomach acid but all of things are a relatively small price to pay for a far greater cause.

This project continues to be very important to me and in my eyes very beneficial. I have spent a good majority of my week talking about world hunger and poverty with so many different people. There are still so many that are totally unaware of what is going on around the world and specifically with the famine. When I tell people what is going on they have been so willing to help and have been eager to donate money to help send over containers of food. Most of the conversations that I have been able to have, have stemmed from people making comments like; "I didn't see you eat lunch," or "Wow, you are losing weight are you on a diet?" I've then been able to explain the hunger project to them. Which has in turn spread awareness.

I have benefitted personally from this project too. You see when your life isn't run by food and your body isn't sluggish and content your mind must work double time to help sustain you're daily functions. As your mind works there is a certain clarity that comes out of it. I have really thoughts things through and pondered the deeper things in life these last two weeks. I've allowed myself to grieve, wrestle with and question the tragic things in life (like 30,000 children dying in the last three months). It has been an experience in and of itself to allow myself to feel raw emotion without trying to anesthetize with food, drink and busy-ness. I haven't had one night where the pictures of starving and poverty stricken children haven't run through my head and I still have not had one moment where I have regretted starting the hunger project.

The fact is that Somalia and other African countries are still in dire need of help. The famine/drought is expected to last through December and children are still dying in the thousands. My acquaintance from world help is there now and has been blogging and emailing telling of the dismal situation there, which is even worse than what is being reported. He has personally witnessed children dying in their mothers' arms just in the few days he has been there. I am going to attach his blog below and hope each of you will go read more about what is going on in Somalia. He has links on his page to donate money to help. Even a small amount of money can feed thousands. He has videos and real time pictures that I hope will remind you how real this famine is.

Please pray that the rain we have had here will also grace the continent of Africa. Remember in those frustrating moments when there is traffic because of rain or when your nicely styled hair goes flat, or your cable goes out in a storm that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are sick and dying because there is no rain where they live. Remember to thankful in/for all things you've been given.

And so the project continues,


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