Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 1: Of the Hunger Project

Today is the first day of my hunger project and boy has it been tough. For a little caution and safety I did ration a meager amount of food (a piece of fruit, 1 cup of dry cheerios, and 5 saltine crackers) to eat throughout the day, just to ensure I didn't pass out at work... I figured this would be the equivalent of what a impoverished child/adult may have access to in a day.

I left for work at 5:30 this morning and by 7:00am my stomach was already begging me for food. I drank two bottles of water to try to push off the hunger because it was to early to break into my small food stash. By 10am I had drank two more bottles of water and finally gave into eating half of the banana (the other half was rotten-how appropriate.) Other than my stomach growling I felt fine. By 3:00 I had to dip into the crackers which was the wrong thing to do because as soon as they hit my stomach it awakened the hunger pangs and I gave in and downed the cup of cheerios. Now it is a little after 7:00pm and the days rations are gone. I am furiously chewing gum and drinking water hoping for a false feeling of full. I can't lie that I am excited to sleep so I don't think about being hungry or about food for a couple of hours. I still feel fine overall and my energy and clear mind are still intact, which tells me this is not the hunger level I am pursuing. I need to get hungrier. Thus it continues....


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