Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 5: Of the Hunger Project

Day 5 has definitely been the most challenging day so far. When my alarm went off at 5am I realized that I didn't feel so good. My stomach was making loud, angry noises and I felt sick (nauseous). After using a cool wash cloth on the back of my neck I felt good enough to jump on my bike to head to work. The ride wasn't the greatest though. A creaky chain on my bike caused a slight vibration that I could feel in the pit of my stomach. Since there is nothing really in my stomach it was very uncomfortable. I made it to work though and decided I'd better eat my banana to try to calm my body. It eventually worked and within a half hour I felt better.

The day was also more challenging because I am up late which has stretched my day and my resolve. I've been going to bed really early all week from exhaustion and trying to shorten my day but tonight I decided I wanted to see a movie with a friend. The theater was filled with all kinds of foods which made my stomach growl loudly. It is interesting the way hunger has built and faded in the last five days. It's teaching and changing me so much. When I was really uncomfortable for a little while today I just kept repeating to myself over and over, "29,000 children under the age of five have died over the last 90 days. With 1,000's more expected in days to come. 29,000!" Those words and numbers put everything in perspective for me and make me know that I am not yet hungry enough to begin to understand 29,000.

Here's to hoping and praying the famine ends soon!


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