Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 3: Of the Hunger Project

Today was pretty good considering I haven't eaten anything but a handful of cheerios, bananas, and crackers in three days. It's amazing how a body can quickly adjust. I didn't have any appetite until almost 4pm. I ate my crackers and actually felt kind of full after. I haven't touched the other food yet. No headache today but it's not even 7 pm and I'm dead tired. I'm so thankful for water to drink because it definitely helps me get through the day without food. It makes me so sad to think that most other countries don't even have clean water for their children to drink.

This project has already been rewarding for me even though it's based on an awful situation. Even though I'm not to that true hungry point yet, every time my head hurts or my stomach growls I think about hungry people around the world. That's what this project is all about making sure I never forget and hoping that you'll never forget. Never forget to pray, never forget to help, never forget to be thankful...

On to Day 4- Here's to not forgetting!

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