Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 7: Of the Hunger Project

The first week of the project is over and it has already been so life changing. I think I've been through every emotion and was pushed and challenged in so many ways. I learned a lot about hunger. I think the most interesting thing was that I expected to be miserable because of stomach cramps and hunger pangs (...) but actually I rarely thought about my stomach because every other body part was so uncomfortable. When you don't eat any more than a banana and 5 Saltine crackers a day (I haven't been eating the cheerios any longer) your body rebels. Today I could literally see my pulse pumping through my forehead and leg at the same time, it was pretty weird and uncomfortable. I also have a very metallic taste in my mouth, my ankles and knees ache, and I am fighting bits of dizziness. The worst thing so far is that I have such a small amount of energy compared to my general energizer bunny personality.

I'm so humbled and grateful to have experienced these discomforts though because people all over the world live this life and these discomforts every day. If they were writing this blog it would be day 10,000 plus of the hunger project. People around here keep asking me how I'm doing/feeling through this (I know it's a little unconventional and uncommon so I understand that some are concerned for my health) but I just explain to them that it has been a tough week and I am hungry, exhausted, and a little sick but I don't regret it or want to change anything about it because this is in a strange way what I wanted to feel.

There is some good news from Somalia. Somalian military has finally pulled back letting American groups and aid come into help. The need is great but now that access in is't a problem hopefully their will be an end in sight as quick as possible.

The rain here tonight was a blessing. As I rode home I thanked God for it and prayed he'd send it from us to Africa so that their crops will grow and so their people will have clean water.

I learned a lot about hunger this week and I learned a lot about myself and people all over the world. I still don't think I'm at that point where I get it completely. The truth is I'll never get it completely because I'm always going to have accommodations and different circumstances then what these people go through but I still think I can learn and understand more than I do now. I can get a little closer.

The project continues.... (I may not post every night from here on out but I will make sure I update at least once a week.)

Truly blessed,


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